Freitag, 20. November 2009

Getting Prepared

I ask him what we have decided last evening. Are we going to lock her up or not? There is no answer. He is in bad mood. When plucking dried herbs I hear the crunching of a door that makes me feel like living in the middle ages. I realize that he is busy with preparing the dungeon. One hour ago I have furnished the box to put her in for transport.

Have you got scary? To be honest, I am! We finally decided to get our semi-feral cats being neutered. The mother cat at first, afterwards the kittens. It´s an awkward situation for both of us. Whereas my husband tends to go through with this as quick as possible without batting an eye, it is my turn to tackle things in a well thought-through manner. Unexperienced in how to deal with pets I am doubtful which kind of handling would be the best, and I change my mind several times. That drives him nuts. He is the one who has to remount the door of an outbuilding, and he is just about to finish the new jail for the poor mother cat.

We already have fixed the surgery, and the vet told us to take away food and water twelve hours before. Not an easy undertaking with a strawing animal! Not being used to stay indoor, we will have to lock her up the whole day. My thoughts are revolving around how she would behave in that situation. Maybe it´s better to find another way to manage it? ...

The next morning the cats are waiting for breakfast in front of the house as usual. My husband puts on his work gloves and approaches the unsuspecting mother. As I am watching the scenery with excitement, he crabs her neck carrying her to the newly-created prison. What a surprise, the cat doesn´t move at all! As soon as she gets locked up I feel guilty, and I have such a pity on her since I was the one who came up with the "neuter project". I am listening, she doesn´t even meow.

Two hours later I call the vet to tell him that we sucessfully caught the cat and locked her up, only to get informed that he will have to cancel the surgery today and doing it on another day next week!

I am really pissed off but also somewhat relieved. I run into the kitchen to prepare a big breakfast which she enjoys. But cats are not silly. The following days she visits us rarely, and whenever she sees my husband with his gloves on she is running away. This time I am not aware of the fact that this is just the beginning of an even bigger challenge.

Montag, 9. November 2009

Miniature Art Extravaganza VI Seattle

My Miniatures Series has savely arrived in Seattle, WA. It will be on display at MINIATURE ART EXTRAVAGANZA VI exhibit from Nov. 13th, 2009 until Jan. 3rd 2010.

Laurie Kearney from Gossamer Collective has been organizing mini-shows over the past several years. In her own words she is obsessed with Miniatures, and making art so accessible to people is her passion as well. Every piece of artwork to be hung from artists all over the world is limited in size 4"x4"x4". What a brilliant idea!

The show will be spread out over 3 venues (Stylus Salon, Gossamer Collective and Solo Bar). If you happen to be in the Seattle area check out some more info here.

Thanks for inviting me and good luck!

Freitag, 6. November 2009

Real Or Not ?

Pure 2009

I am kind of agitated and satisfied as well. The first part of my new mannequin series is in the can! I take a short look at the pictures after uploading to the computer and leave them on the back burner for a while to step back. During this time of "breeding" I´m open to particular images flashing automatically upon my inward eye. Before clicking the file two weeks later I get pretty nervous with a queasy feeling, just realizing a few minutes later that I am actually pretty confident which pictures are most captivating and worth to work on further.

Airy 2009

I´ve been fascinated by capturing mannequins since years. Provided they are realistic, well done and a bit shabby already, they draw my attention. Made to give to a shop window credibility and humanity in the stage setting of its products, mannequins have always been considered as the reflection of the "ideal beauty" during the time that they were manufactured.

Paris 2009

Especially when damaged, their humanoid appearance emerges even more, and I try to emphasize this effect in my images. I make my mind a blank and forget everything I know or associate with the object and try to see it with new eyes. I somehow communicate with the models, looking at them from different angles and lighting conditions.

Locked to the View 2009

At the end you can find one single model in a variety of moodes. She may look like being sad or pensive,

Memories 2009

showing confidence by throwing a piercing glance at the viewer,

Suburbia 2009

or "behave" like a shy deer.

Out of Order 2009

Being amazed at the images being as different as day and night, I am seeking to boost even more the specific atmospheres at post processing. When watching the faces it also may occure that an utterly artificial picture comes to my mind that I want to turn into reality.

Moonlit 2009

Chimera 2009