Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

As Autumn Wanes

Fall Breeze 2008

Everything changes over night. A storm comes up suddenly and unexpectedly. Heavy rainfall turns the warm colors into cold light. Strong wind defoliates the trees, and the last walnuts are falling to the ground.

We have to remove a vast number of walnut leaves from the grassland. It´s getting rather cold for this time of the year. Even lemons are watching out for cozy little places to warm themselves.

Lemon´s Excursion 2008

Swallows migrated already. Beetroot, black radish, salad, mangel and onions still find theirselves in the patch. Basil and sweet peppers are getting killed or damaged by frost. In the larder I find some jars with stewed fruit which have got moldy already. All the work for nothing, it´s enough to cry me a river.

Taking Wing 2008

My back hurts, and I hardly can move. I have been running into this situation through my own fault. A lot of stooping, kneeling and photographing in bad posture without going in for sports ... winter is just around the corner. Two new pictures I just have finished somehow correspond to that certain kind of seasonal mood:

Boundaries 2009

Uncertainty 2009


  1. Your blog is such a treat for the eye, beautiful!

  2. You´re welcome, Star! Thanks for following me!

  3. That was beautiful, stunning photos and really nicely written what a nice read!

    Sorry your back is sore!

  4. Hi Abi,
    thank you for your kind words, always appreciate your comments!

    Thanks Pam, I am happy that you stopped by!

  5. I like this series a lot. Like the mix of urban with nature and color choices.