Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

The Babies

After a busy week in Vienna we arrive in Hungary on friday evening. The cat is just crawling under the doorway, being scared as my husband gets off the car. Only now when he opens the door she recognizes him and runs after him like lightning. It´s the same play as ever. Instead of watching the changes in the garden, I am hurrying to prepare the meal for the cat first, though she doesn´t look famished. Meowing undeviatingly she has me in her grip.

Heavy rain alternating with hot and sunny days in the last couple of weeks transformed the backyard into boondocks. After nightfall we sit in the backyard repelling moscito attacks. The cat approaches slowly. This time she is not alone. When she comes nearer we remain in unbelieving amazement. She´s accompanied by her two 8 week old babies. Being scared when seeing us the kittens run away several times. It´s hard work for their mother to bring them back again and again, running back and forth along with a variety of vocalizations. They run across human beings for the first time in their life. Finally they rest, convinced by the existence of a feeding bowl.

The following day we take notice that the cat definitely brought her babies to the new home. The three of them have spent their first night resting on the doormat right on our doorstep. But they soon find the right place to stay in a storeroom. The whole day we have a lot of fun watching the shy guys exploring their new home. We are just wondering: who is the girl and who the boy?


  1. Oh that was such an adorable tale! How cute they are!!!

    I think the boy is the black one, and the girl the white and brown...or they might both be girls....

    Awwwww :D

  2. That´s exactly what I think. We will see. Thanks for your kind words!