Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

Colors Are Finding Their Way

I am so excited. Our efforts to recultivate the old garden are rewarded by regrowing grass and flowers in multiple colors. Instead of removing the soil as proposed by "experienced gardeners", we covered the ground with grass clippings several times to convey soil organisms. This turned out to be the perfect treatment and saved a lot of money. Now one plant is paving the way for the next one. The following year the grass already is growing vigorously.

Nature definitely has a will of it´s own and a big sense of humour! It happened at the end of May that we discovered little sunflower plantlets all over the garden without having planted them. Why did this happen? Maybe for several reasons. First we were feeding birds with sunflower seeds in winter. Some of the seeds tumbling down the birdhouse found proper conditions to grow. Second some seeds ended up on the compost heap and have been disseminated again together with soil. Since June small and big ones are taking pleasure in life and are savouring the sun. Here are some of them:

Sunflower III

I love the fun poses they often display:

Sunflower II

In front of the garden wall long-established coneflowers are flowering again:

Indian Summer I

Indian Summer II

Daylilies have been successful flowers in rural gardens for a long time. They flower for one day only. But new buds keep developing - producing a long run of simple, elegant trumpet shapes. I took some of them growing in front of the house and replanted these robust beauties inside the garden in a light woodland setting. I gambled but were quite sucessful in the end:


  1. Absolutely beautiful shots :D I love the feeling of seeing a plant in my garden flowering..

  2. Beautiful pictures, I especially love Indian Summer II. I am glad your garden is finally growing