Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

Wild Lady

She approaches slowly and tentatively, looking into my puzzled eyes. Faint-hearted meow is raising. Day and night a lot of cats are banging around in our backyard. All of them extremely shy. This white and grey colored lady, apparently pregnant, doesn´t give a damn. Where does she come from? After pigging out she will stalk us forever. Her babies were born at the beginning of May and live hidden in an empty neighboring house. Last week she apparently invited us in, being frustrated as we were not able to follow her through the tiny hole.

We call her "the cat", and since her shy hubby is showing up of late (we call him "the black"), we have a lot of fun with that crazy couple, at least three days a week. Back in Vienna, I am thinking of her hoping she is doing well.

Mind The Gap

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