Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

To Our Great Surprise

I am passing the doorway carefully to make sure not to frighten the two kittens. As mentioned in an earlier post one week ago the cat got her eight week old babies from their hiding place to our house. Nobody is seen. I get out of the car and squat at some distance from the outbuilding where they newly reside. While I am waiting and getting afraid that they may have been disappeared, I suddenly get a glimpse of a small curious looking face appearing behind the hole of the door. I wonder why this one looks tabby while we got introduced to a white and a black young guy last week. Is this caused by the daylight? No, that´s impossible. I don´t know any light that turns deep black fur into tabby greybrown. I feel quite confused!

As we unload the car, the cat comes out of the hole of the "house of cats", accompanied by three! kittens. A black, a white and a greybrown tabby one. I am right so: I don´t know any kind of light that ...

A quarter of an hour later I look out of the window, getting even more confused. The kittens are playing in the backyard. Only there a two! white kittens now.

It makes me speechless, and I am hurrying away for my husband, who unsuspecting is examining the vegetable patch, to tell him that we have got four! kittens now. Once more I turn in disbelief. Now you may think that I am crazy, but I can assure you: in the meantime also the black kitten has duplicated!

Instead of telling my husband that we have got four kittens now, I say: "And now, brace yourself ..." He just stares at me.

In the evening we are discussing farther reaching consequences of having six cats, eventually two or three of them ladies, each giving birth to five babies twice a year ... hope you are well trained in mathematics!? Right now actually we are trying to block it out and enjoy the enchanting theatrical performances.

Their shy father pays a short visit about three times a day.


  1. Oh you are so lovely taking in the whole family! What a nice father, coming for visits!

    They are so adorable...all of them. I feel all maternal looking at them :D

  2. To be honest, he is also looking if they have left something in the feeding bowl :-)

  3. Typical!!

    Your pictures are fabulous though :)

    Can you get them neutered (you know, sterilised) there? What are the veterinians like?

  4. Still don´t know. We have to think about ...

  5. LOL I love this post! Too funny! Your shots of the kittens, and the family are just beautiful! I especially love the 2nd photo down!